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For more than 15 years, cooking shows have been booming in German TV, and an end to the hype is not in sight, by far. Because topics like nutrition, food, regionality, and eating habits have become a central aspect of our society, chefs have become the most wanted interlocutors a long time ago.


Skills that we as a hotel, social media, and tourism management agency can offer you:

Social media management company -
The Chefs' Stories will “Reel” you in!

Through years of working within the complex world of online marketing and social media management, we know how to catch the eye of the user – uniqueness is the key. Properly conducted SEO management and performance marketing are the pillars of a well-visited website, online shop, or social media account, which is an essential part of being recognized in the modern, digitalised society. We know how to combine crucial steps to improve your online visibility and therefore help you communicate to the largest audience.

The management
company for chefs -
what do we do?

In-depth knowledge of the market and negotiation skills, next to charm and sympathy, will decide upon whether a contract will be closed or not. We know what talents in the culinary field can ask for in return for their skills and work. We will represent the interests of our protagonists in negotiations, support them and advise with decision-making.

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